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The Flip Wallet is a uniquely designed minimalist wallet made from a single piece of highly ethical cork leather.


Dimensions - (external):

60mm x 95mm


IMPORTANT:  This product comes fully assembled but we do still recommend watching our setup video to understand how to adjust the card capacity of the wallet and use the flip feature and magic pocket.

We have recently re-released this design using new cork material, the video that shows the functionality of this product is made from the old material, so be aware that the product you buy will be made from the new material as shown in the pictures.


Also please note that because cork is a natural product the aesthetic of each cork product varies. The cork product you receive will not be identical to the products shown. There may occasionally be small aesthetic cracks where the cork has been layered on the underside of this cork material, please be aware that these are merely aesthetic and don’t affect the structural integrity of this product.



    • Unique flip feature that allows fast card access
    • Unique hidden magic pocket that allows access to coins without opening the wallet
    • Unique card pocket adjustment system that allows the wallet to be tailored to snugly fit the amount of cards you carry (capacity 4 - 8 cards)
    • Pocket for notes, receipts or an extra few cards
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