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Are your products durable?


Yes! Despite preconceptions cork leather is very durable, it’s also soft, light, antibacterial and water, fire, odour and dust repellent and has a long lists of ethical benefits.




Are your products vegan?


Yes! None of our products contain any animals and they never will.  As we have not long been in business we do not have the official vegan mark, but all our products are vegan and always will be.


How come some products look slightly different?


Because the cork leather we use is a natural product, it means that no two products we make are ever the same. Each product has its own subtle markings from the original tree. We feel this gives each product its own character, and it means our customers get a product that is completely unique.



How hard is it to assemble the your products?

Assembling our products is very, very easy and can be done by anyone. Easy to follow simple instructions and an instructional video can be found on our Setup page.

My Screws have come loose


The reason the screws come loose is normally because there is a natural variance in the thickness of the cork material, and also a variance in the manufacturing of the screws. Some screw sets don’t screw into the nut as far and when this is met with material that is naturally a little thinner, it can mean that the screw is not as tight as it could be against the cork and it may eventually loosen.

To combat this problem we include a spare screw set with all of the self-assemble products.

If you are still having problems with the screws staying tight we would recommend adding a simple washer between the screws and the cork material. This will add extra depth and mean that the screw set is tight against the cork meaning it will stay tight.


I Have lost my screws where can i buy some more?


We use to sell the screws as replacements but a large number of them would go missing in the post (we think this is because they look like a small envelope of money). Despite their small size, they are just big enough to be classified as a large letter so the postal cost when sending them abroad would also be rather high. For this reason, we no longer sell the screws separately but there are lots of places that sell these screws or similar items that will do the same job.

they are called Chicago Screws and we use the ones with a depth of 2mm. you can find them online here

I Have not yet received my order.


We post thousands of orders each year and almost all of them make it on time.

However we cannot control the postal service they may always be unforeseen complications or delays. Furthermore the postal service is different in every country and the sepead and quality of the postal service you get also depends on the postal service where you live.

We only post parcels once a week, normally on a Wednesday or a Thursday and once posted:

Deliveries to the UK are estimated to take 2-3 working days*

Deliveries to Europe are estimated to take 3-6 working days*

Deliveries to Rest of the world are estimated to take 4 to 8 working days*

* Sometimes International deliveries to more remote locations or places that are isolated and/or do not have the best postal services can take up to 14 - 20 working days. The UK Royal Mail postal service we use gives these estimates only as guidelines, while the vast majority of our customers receive their orders within the 4 - 8 working days, posting internationally means that the Royal mail is only one half of the service, the quality of the postal service where you live may be a factor in the time taken for delivery. Almost all delivery arrive within the estimated times, there are very few that take a little longer but all get there in the end. Deliveries to the UK are sent via Royal Mail Second Class service and Deliveries to the rest of the world are sent via Royal Mail standard international, there is no tracking on these services.

 We understand that posting once a week may mean you have to wait a little longer for your order which we know can be frustrating and we are sorry about this.  We have chosen to do this because it is much more efficient, means we can spend less working hours on daily trips to the postal office and keep our prices low. Furthermore as our nearest postal office is quite far away it also allows us to reduce our carbon footprint.

If you are worried that your order is taking too long please check that the postal address you gave is correct and fully complete. Please note that we send Standard International and this service does NOT have tracking so no tracking number will be provided. Please recognize that weekends and bank holidays do not qualify as ‘working days. Please do not worry, if you have a good postal service where you live it is very, very, rare that there is a problem with postage and it is much more likely that your order may just be held up in customs and is taking a little longer but will soon be arriving. And in the extremely rare case that it does not arrive there is a delivery address on each parcel so the order will be returned to us.

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