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magna purse setup

Each Magna Purse sheet comes with one Sam Brown fastening stud set and two sets of brass Chicago screws.

To assemble the Magna Purse follow the Magna Purse Setup video carefully.

Use & Features


The second half of the Magna Purse Setup video shows how best to use the purse and its features.

Opening the purse reveals two pockets for your most-used cards. Inside the purse, there is another card pocket for your lesser-used cards and two main lager pockets for cash and receipts.

Minor adjustments can be made to the capacity of the purse by loosening the Sam Browne fastening stud and sliding down for a smaller capacity or up for lager capacity; (see the adjustment section below).

The cork leather may be a little stiff and rigid at first but will soon loosen over time.



The purse can hold up to 14 cards, and plenty of coins, notes and receipts. If the purse is a little hard to close, minor adjustments can be made to the capacity by loosening the Sam Browne fastening stud (the middle one), sliding up and tightening again for lager capacity.

Alternatively slide the stud down for a tighter fit.


We do not recommend over filling the Magna Purse.


A flat headed screwdriver can be used to make tightening the screws easier. Be careful tightening the screws, but ensure they are tight and check regularly to make sure they have not loosened.


To clean the Magna Purse simply wipe the cork leather with a damp cloth using a little soap and water.

For more information on why we chose to design our products to be assembled by you, see our Morals.

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