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flip wallet setup

Each wallet sheet comes with two sets of brass Chicago screws plus one spare set.

To assemble The Flip Wallet follow The Flip Wallet Setup video carefully.

Use & Features


The wallet is flipped open using a thumb to slide the cards upwards through the opening on the inside of the wallet.


Coins are accessed from the magic pocket by flicking them into the top left corner of the wallet and then sliding the front side of the wallet across diagonally to release the coins.


The cork leather may be a little springy at first but will soon loosen and flatten over time; this will allow the wallet to mould and hold a nice closed position



card capacity


You can change the amount of cards the wallet can carry by adjusting the tab on the back of the wallet. This allows for a perfect fit, personalised to your exact needs, for a capacity of three to eight cards.


A flat headed screwdriver can be used to make tightening the screws easier. Be careful tightening the screws, but ensure they are tight and check regularly to make sure they have not loosened.


To clean the cork material simply wipe the cork leather with a damp cloth using a little soap and water.

For more information on why we chose to design our products to be assembled by you, see our Morals.

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