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minima wallet setup

Each wallet sheet comes with a brass stud set.

To assemble The Minima Wallet follow The Minima Wallet Setup video carefully.

Use & Features


The Minima Wallet is a simple design consisting of two pockets.

The open diagonal pocket is ideal for your most used cards as they can be fast accessed using the cut-out to slide the cards up and the diagonal to spread the cards so the desired card can be selected.

The closed pocket is ideal for your notes and the cards you use less often.

However this is just how we use the Minima; you can use The Minima Wallet in whichever way works best for you.

card capacity


You can change the amount of cards the wallet can carry by loosening the brass stud and adjusting the sideways tab. This allows for a perfect fit, personalised to your exact needs, for a capacity of three to eight cards.


To clean The Minima Wallet simply wipe the cork leather with a damp cloth using a little soap and water.

For more information on why we chose to design our products to be assembled by you, see our Morals.

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